Innovative software solutions

Welcome to SOLVINQ, the specialist in innovative software solutions for organizations in the storage systems industry.

Our expertise includes in-depth knowledge of 'racking & shelving', along with related industrial standards and guidelines, combined with advanced skills in developing modern and secure web applications.

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Our philosophy

At SOLVINQ, we have a deep understanding of racking systems, and we love designing and creating beautiful, innovative, and user-friendly web applications. With a team of creative experts, we can develop software to easily configure and optimize racking systems and to generate quotes quickly. Our own need for such an application inspired the design of our software platform, and we invite companies to take advantage of the capabilities it offers and benefit from the advantages it provides.

Our services

Our goal is to help our clients save on costs, time, and effort through innovative tools that enable more efficient work.

Finite element solver

The FEM solver is the heart of every application. Both geometric and physical non-linear problems can be solved.

Modular software architecture

Our cloud software solutions are accessible through a secure connection, based on the Microsoft Azure architecture.

Custom software development

Let's connect to discuss possibilities of custom software development and where we can align with our products.

Independent testing facility

SOLVINQ has an independent testing facility that offers the possibility to conduct various tensile and/or compression tests.


We offer our expertise to find or develop the most optimal (software) solutions for your company.


Both our applications and infrastructure adhere to strict requirements in terms of performance, security, and accuracy.

Our applications

We are committed to the continuous optimization and innovation of our (software) solutions, adhering to the latest European design standards and guidelines. Interested? Feel free to contact us and inquire about a demonstration of our software solutions.

Our team

Curious about our solutions or looking to have a discussion? Feel free to get in touch with one of our experts. We have over 25 years of experience in software development, finite element analysis, and structural engineering in the field of Racking and Shelving.
Jan Willem Frederiks

Jan Willem Frederiks

Founder / co-owner

Technical Architect

E: j.frederiks@solvinq.com
T: +31 (0)6 53 91 80 81
Marc Tangelder

Marc Tangelder

Founder / co-owner

Software Architect

E: m.tangelder@solvinq.com
T: +31 (0)6 53 83 98 37
Jeroen Hermsen

Jeroen Hermsen

Developer / Structural Engineer

E: j.hermsen@solvinq.com
Fabian Tuender

Fabian Tuender

IT / Azure specialist

E: f.tuender@solvinq.com


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